Setting Up Audio in OBS


We are going to have all three audio devices connect to OBS (version 21.0.1). This way you can disable your mic and Discord from the stream so your friends can’t hear themselves or you through your stream. This has its benefits. Imagine playing a game and you want your friends to watch you. You can simply disable your mic and Discord’s audio from OBS’ audio mixer with a simple click. That way your friends won’t have to hear you twice, once on Discord and then again on your stream. It also makes it so your friends won’t hear each other again, once through Discord and then again on your stream. 

Setting this up is simple, open OBS and click on settings in the bottom right hand corner under “Controls” and go to the audio tab, fourth from the top.. Change the “Desktop Audio Device” to “VoiceMeeter”. Change “Desktop Audio Device 2” to “Discord”. Lastly change “Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device” to “VoiceMeeter Mic”. That’s it. Now you can close the settings.



Now under “Mixer” you will see three different audio devices, “Desktop Audio”, “Desktop Audio 2”, “Mic/Aux”. Sadly you are unable to change the names of these devices. If you forget what each does just go back to settings and check under the audio tab. 




If you want to mute any of them simple click on the white speaker icon next to the gear. You can also adjust the audio levels of each audio device separate from Discord and your VoiceMeeter mixer.