Setting Up Audio in Discord


Open Discord and click on “Settings” at the bottom left corner next to your username. Next go to the “Voice & Video” tab. You can to change the “INPUT DEVICE” to “VoiceMeeter Mic”. For “OUTPUT DEVICE” you want to select “Discord”. Make sure you aren’t in any voice channels since it may not update the settings.


image8.pngNow join a voice channel and make sure you can hear your friends. Go to your “Recording” tab in “Sound” window and make sure you see both the columns next to  “VoiceMeeter Mic” and “Microphone” lighting up.







In VoiceMeeter make sure you see the column under the “Discord” column going up and down. If everything is as mentioned and you can hear your friends you are good to go.

If your mic is cutting out then you need to change your input sensitivity in Discord. Under “Voice & Video” make sure “Automatically determine input sensitivity” is turned off. Adjust the bar so when you are talking naturally your voice passes the slider. Move your mic around and make sure it doesn’t pick up your breathing as well as any keyboard or mouse clicks. Play around with it until you find the right balance. Remember, you will see the bar move with any sound, but only sound that passes the slider will be picked up by Discord and sent. This can be used alongside the “Gate” function in VoiceMeeter under the “Microphone” column. It is the circle dial that can be rotated.