Custom Voice


In this section we are going to go over how to change your voice using VoiceMeeter. This part is very easy to do but finding the perfect settings for yourself and others is complicated. It all depends on how you want to sound to yourself and others. 

Let’s get started. Under your “Microphone” column in VoiceMeeter select the “A1” so you can hear your voice. This routes your microphone through VoiceMeeter and into your headphones. You can disable this once you find the right voice for you. 

Now you want to click on the box as shown above and move the little square around. The “Lo” increases the bass in your voice and the “Hi” increases the treble in your voice. Moving above the horizontal line gives your voice an echo. Play around with it and find your best voice! Double left clicking in the box resets your settings.

Next right click in the box and a new interface in appears in the box. This allows you to add effects. You can make your voice sound more robotic or some other weird wacky sound. 

If you right click in the box one more time it will take you to the last interface. In this interface you can change which ear you would like your voice to be heard from. If you have a mono microphone this will not do anything. This setting only works with stereo microphones. Right clicking again will take you back to the first interface. Remember to disable “A1” under the “Microphone” column once you are done so you don’t have to hear your voice through your headphones/speakers.