Downloading Preconfigured Containers from Turnkey

This guide will be using Proxmox Version 6.7-1.

Make sure you are logged in as your root user for Proxmox.

Update your Node

First things first, make sure you update your Proxmox Node.
















Click on the Node directly below the Datacenter dropdown (as shown above).

You will see more options open on the right side of the current column.


I have expanded all the drop downs for a clearer view. Click on the Updates menu option. A new page will open up to the right.

At the top-left corner of the new window you will see Refresh, Upgrade, and Changelog.


Click on Refresh and check to see if there are any updates listed below. If there aren't there will simply be an empty screen.

Click on the Upgrade button and make sure your system is up-to-date.

You will get the following screen if there are updates:


Hit "Enter".

Be patient and let the updates finish.

We will make sure to get updates regarding Turnkey as well.

Type the following into the update window that opened up when you clicked Upgrade:

pveam update

Let the update finish and then close the window.

Adding Turnkey Containers


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