Downloading and Installing

1. Info

The first step is obvious but I decided to include it anyways just in case someone out there needed an example of how I set up my configuration.

I went to the official MediaWiki website to download the latest MediaWiki

I used the LTS version of MediaWiki for their long term support. I want this project to be up as long as possible.

2. Download

MediaWiki (LTS)

MediaWiki Download Page

We are going to download the tar.gz file for Mediawiki.


sudo wget

3. Extract and Move

We are now going to extract the tar.gz into our current directory.


sudo tar -zxvf mediawiki-1.31.3

And now we are going to move it from out current directory to our /var/www directory so we can serve it as a web page.


sudo mv mediawiki-1.31.3 /var/www/MediaWiki

This command moves it to the /var/www folder and renames it to an easier to remember name "MediaWiki".